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Concerned about handwriting?


Handwriting is a challenging skill for children to master. Writewell workshops offer comprehensive training for teaching staff, parents and other professionals working with children.

With over a decade of experience teaching handwriting to children, teenagers and adults, Mark and Sue have developed expert knowledge of how legible handwriting is best achieved for both left and right-handed children and we would love to share this knowledge with your school.  

All of the training sessions we offer to schools are interactive, fun and are tailored to each school based on their individual needs. We can train a minimum of 5 members of staff and a maximum of 100 members of staff, either after school or on inset training days.

Contact us to book a Writewell training session with Sue Smits, Morrells Handwriting and Mark Stewart, Left n Write Ltd.

Sue Smits
 Morrells Handwriting
“ We provide bespoke training sessions that look at the skills required to write, as well as giving help to identify common handwriting problems and simple strategies to correct them using very few resources ”
Sue Smits has worked in schools since 2005 and teaches handwriting to over 1000 primary and secondary school children most weeks. Combining both her teaching knowledge and her skills as a calligrapher, Sue developed and launched the Morrells Handwriting programme in 2008. Renowned for her back-to-basics approach, Sue’s handwriting resources are used extensively in schools for Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5, both in the UK and across the world.
"I have thoroughly enjoyed this training. Sue gives a wealth of tips that can easily be put into place in ANY classroom – Thank you!"

Teacher, Worsley Bridge Primary School, Beckenham, June 2017

Photo of Sue Smits

Photo of Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart
 Left n Write Ltd
“ Our course is a practical session, trying out and looking at various tasks using both hands. It aims to raise awareness of difficulties faced by left-handed children and offers simple strategies that can be used to help them with particular emphasis on handwriting ”

Mark is proprietor of 'Left n Write' in Worcester and has a left-handed son. He produced a TTA-endorsed DVD 'Left-Handed Children - A Guide for Teachers and Parents' which was distributed to all the teacher-training colleges in England in 1999. He has co-written the 'Left Hand Writing Skills' set of 3 Handwriting practice books, co-authored "So You Think They're Left-Handed?" book and designed the 'Writewell' mat.

He has given his workshop to such groups as Childminders, Early Years Practitioners, LEA training groups, Private and State schools over the past 18 years. His training guidelines have been endorsed by the Department for Education and Skills and have been incorporated into The National Literacy Strategy.

"Mark Stewart has a comprehensive understanding of the frustrations faced by left-handed learners, and of the steps needed to address their needs. He speaks in a very accessible way, offering insights and practical strategies which are based upon common sense and equally accessible to staff and parents. The hour session he delivered to our staff was very worthwhile and is having an impact upon the way we plan lessons, do seating plans, and resource the teaching aids for pupils’ use. I thoroughly recommend him as a speaker for any school, primary or secondary."

Stephen Morris, Head - The Cathedral School, Cardiff, Oct 2013

“Handwriting is the most fundamental building block of being educated”
Department of Education, October 2011

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